Meet Our Members ~ Christine MacTernan

Meet Our Members ~ Christine MacTernan

Christine MacTernan

Christine is on of the nicest Traveler Surf Club members you will meet; she's on her way to being a true soul surfer and we love that she often takes time to hang with us post-session in the Traveler garden.  After taking a break from work in the gaming industry, she is refocusing her career on being an artist, oil painter and generally surrounding herself with more creative people and energy. A definite member of the good vibe tribe! 

"I grew up in Pleasanton California. My parents owned a restaurant right on the Main st. downtown, so it made it extra fun. My neighbors were other business owners and I got Mexican food whenever I wanted. It was a super tiny town at the time but it was a really wholesome and great place to grow up."

Currently live in?
"I live in Oakland and love every second of it!" 

Current Board?
"Right now I’m still riding my starter board which is an 8’ BruSurf fun board. I also started riding a shorter board at about 6’8 from GSI - Modern LoveChild. The shorter board makes me feel like I have no idea what I’m doing and my old stand by reminds me that I am actually getting better." (pictured here with her new Bing!)

Dream Board?
"A 7’10 Seeker from Bing in a beautiful dark teal color that I recently ordered with Julie's help... I’m just waiting for it’s arrival and every time I think about it, I get butterflies. It’s my “level up” board."

Next surf trip on the books?
"I’m looking forward to finally going to Nicaragua or Costa Rica for a surf retreat. I’ve never traveled that far so I’m really excited to make that happen."

Day Job?
I actually just quit my job recently. I was an Art Director for a mobile games company. I drew digital art and helped manage the art team. Anytime you play a mobile game and see the little characters in the backgrounds, those were made by artists like me. It was a tough industry in terms of work and life balance which is why I finally left it. [My plan now is to]  immerse myself more fully into art and creativity again. My hope is to maintain a freedom with it so it is a source of joy and less of a competition or job, while also keeping my surfing going. I want to marry those two worlds completely."

Favorite place to surf?  
"I’ve always had great memories at Bolinas and the drive is beautiful.  Princeton Jetty is where I mostly cut my teeth, but Linda Mar feels like home and it’s always completely different each time."