Meet Our Members ~ Erin Wade

Meet Our Members ~ Erin Wade

Erin was one of our first Traveler Surf Club Pacifica members; so she has a special place in our hearts for helping us prove that yes, a cozy spot on the coast to warm up after a surf is not such a crazy idea!  She's also the rad owner of HOMEROOM, an Oakland-based restaurant dedicated to the best food on earth: macaroni and cheese.
When she's out of the water that pretty much means she's the coach of a team of nearly 100 people making delicious comfort food for hungry, happy folks in the East Bay.
"Los Angeles"

Current Board?
"A custom 8 ft board designed and shaped by Dawn Patrol out of Santa Cruz."

Dream board?
"A 7 footer of any kind, because it would mean I could actually successfully ride a board that short :)  Thus far I've only made it comfortably down to 7'6''

Best trip that you've been on in the last 5 years?
 "Japan for eating purposes, southern Costa Rica for surfing purposes :)"

Recent projects?
"I just had an article published in the Washington Post about a month ago [on creating a respectful working environment in the restaurant industry.]  I am also working on how to build my company to expand to new locations."