Meet Our Members ~ Rob Cockrum

Meet Our Members ~ Rob Cockrum

Rob is a rad dad! 
He has 3 kids, plays the drums and, when on dry land, also manages a team of 40 construction & project managers in the Bay Area. He's one of our latest members and has mastered the way to get the most out of a short surf trip to Hawaii.
"I grew up in Colorado. Lived in Chicago and Los Angeles before ending up in NorCal." 

Currently live in?
"Montclair Oakland." 

Dream board?
"I think I may be riding it!  My 9’2” CJ Nelson ‘Sinner’ board is my go-to board for almost any size wave knee high to well overhead. "

Favorite place to surf?  
"3Mile is my favorite. I love the wildness and remoteness of that wave. If I have to stay closer to home, Linda Mar is my go-to."  

Best trip that you've been on in the last 5 years?
"Best surf trip has been a number of 3 day strikes to Maui. [The formula is to] fly in on Friday morning and fly out mid-day Sunday, ideally getting in 5 sessions at different places on the island."  

Recent projects?
"I started a company called Rad Dad Brands : It's a fun little project selling some cool baby clothes as well as yoga gear and hand-made skateboards. "