Why I started a Club & Spring Special!

Why I started a Club & Spring Special!

Julie Waxing Board

The idea behind the Traveler Surf & Swim Club came after working 20+ years in the surf industry and wanting to create a warm, comfortable, and inviting place to encourage more surfing and community.  

Since moving to the Bay Area, I've worked in a number of 9-5 jobs that limited my early morning and sunset sessions.  I was s
hlepping my longboard around in my car, changing in the parking lot, and often losing motivation to surf because of the cold.  My stoke levels needed a boost and I wanted to find a way to simplify my surf routine, get warmer faster, and have a cool place to hang out after surfing in Pacifica.
Basically, I wanted a rad beach house that anyone could be a part of and meet other like-minded souls.

The idea of the Surf & Swim Club was born and I've been working for the past year and a half to bring it to life.  With help from family and friends, we built 
private changing rooms, hot showers, board lockers, and a garden. We sourced great coffee & tea, have heated outdoor furniture, and are growing the Club one amazing member at a time. 

We have entrepreneurs, craftspeople, creatives,  filmmakers, greenthumbs, and there is not a day that goes by that I don't have an interesting conversation in our backyard garden.

I want to invite you join and share in the stoke!                  ~Julie Cox, Traveler 

Now through April 30th ~ Spring-Summer Special!

Summer is a great time to commit to surfing longer days and longer waves. A three month membership is the perfect motivator to get you out there. 

Three month Regular Membership: $200 (normally $300)

Three month Membership with Surfboard Storage and after-hours access $350 (normally $450) 

Space is limited!

NEW - Surf the dawn patrol or evening glass because members with surfboard storage get after-hours access to surfboard lockers and showers!

Monthly members (with and without storage) receive unlimited number of visits to the Club and 10% discounts in-store.