Board Demos - Ventura
Board Demos - Ventura
Board Demos - Ventura
Board Demos - Ventura
Board Demos - Ventura

Board Demos - Ventura

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Our Board Demo program is great for surfers who don't want to travel with surfboards or for anyone looking to try different shapes and sizes before buying their next board.  We've got you covered with handcrafted boards.

All board demos come with day-use access to the Surf Club!


    How does it work?

    Board Demos work like this:

    1. Choose from the drop-down menu your preferred board.

    2. After you purchase, we'll have your name on file and you can stop in anytime during business hours to checkout a board of your choice. Best to email us your dates to so we can set the board aside for you.

    3. Go surf and be happy. Enjoy Club amenities and return your board by closing time!


    Do I need to reserve ahead of time?

    If you want a specific board, it's best to reserve ahead of time. But, we have plenty of great demos, so if you want to see the boards in person or don't know your specific travel dates yet, you can just stop by in person and choose a demo on the spot.

    Can I check out the board overnight or bring it back after sunset?

    All boards are due back before the Surf Club closes (hours depend on season), unless you will be keeping the board in a secure location overnight. If you'd like this option, just let us know when you pick up your board and we'll make arrangements. Please note this option requires and additional $500 refundable deposit. 

    I'm going on a road trip... can I check out the board for a few days?

    There are so many great surf spots around Ventura County. Yes, you can check out the boards for multiple days in advance, with payment up-front per day and an additional refundable trip deposit of $500. A board bag and leash will be included.

    What happens if I ding the board?

    Dings happen, we know! Treat boards with care and if there is a smash-up in the water, we will assess the damage and charge you $25-$100 depending on the severity of damage. We do ask for a $100 ding repair deposit to be taken at time of check-out. If all looks good when the board is returned, you'll get that $100 back same day. If the board is totaled or damaged beyond repair you will be charged up to $500. If the board is lost or stolen, you will be charged up to $800.

    Questions? Give us a call, stop-by in person, or email We're happy to help!

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