9'6 Hitchhiker by Locus Surfboards

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9'6 Hitchhiker by Locus Surfboards

9'6 x 23.5" x 3"

An all-arounder noserider hand built by Santa Cruz local shaper Tyler Hopkins of Locus Surfboards.

This board has deep concave that runs from the nose to the back 2/3rds of the board generating a lot of lift as you walk your way towards the nose of this watermelon. The thumb tail (hence the name Hitchhiker) is where this noserider spiffs up your daily commute. The last third of the board transitions into rolled vee with bladey 50/50 rails setting you up for some juicy spray off your top turns. The thumb tail blends a rounded pin and square tail to create tighter yet still flowey turns. Watermelon resin design because just like nothing beats watermelon on a hot summer day, nothing beats logging on a hot summer day!


- Deck: 10oz Volan + 6oz + 6oz knee patch

- Bottom: 10 oz volan + 6oz + 6oz tail patch

-Poly blank w/ entropy bioresin

- Futures single fin


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