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7'2 Faro Fish

Ponto Surfboards

Regular price $ 875.00

7'2 fish hand shaped in Oceanside CA by Ponto Surfboards. 

7'2 x 21.75 x 2.88, 53.2 L 

Twin fin

Poly blank and resin

Beautiful textile graphic deck patch inlay 

If you are looking to glide at high speeds down the line and feel sweet release as you cut back into the pocket, a fish is the wave go go! At 7'2 you'll have lots of paddle power, as this shape holds a lot of width throughout the front of the board. Fish tails act as two pin tails creating an earlier release on turns. Twin fin set up reduces you're overall drag, begging you to race this down the face as fast as you can!

**Pacifica Store Pick Up Only**

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