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Mediterranean Deluxe Turkish Towel

The Active Towel

Product image 1Mediterranean Deluxe Turkish Towel
Product image 2Mediterranean Deluxe Turkish Towel
Product image 3Mediterranean Deluxe Turkish Towel
Product image 4Mediterranean Deluxe Turkish Towel
Product image 5Mediterranean Deluxe Turkish Towel
Product image 6Mediterranean Deluxe Turkish Towel
Product image 7Mediterranean Deluxe Turkish Towel

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Ideal for Home, Spa, Pool, Resort

The MEDITERRANEAN DELUXE is a thick, luxurious, loomed Turkish towel that wraps you in the softest bamboo fibers and famous Turkish cottons. A deluxe feeling, the colors reflect the brilliant Mediterranean waters, then reverses to the soft glow of the white beaches with a slight tint of color.

This absorbent towel dries quickly and is perfect for the bath, pool, at your favorite spa and resort. Babies love them too! 

Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial Bamboo is perfect for babies and children.  Eco-friendly as bamboo uses less water, no pesticides/herbicides. Towels become more absorbent after washing.

Wash cold water & dry low fluff - Bamboo will shrink in hot water/high heat.

Ideal for Bath, Pool, Spa, Resort

Dimensions: 68” x 38”

Fiber: 60% bamboo, 40% Turkish cotton

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