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LOOKING FOR LINES, Paintings by Travis Weller

This summer we are beyond thrilled to host a stunning show of original oil paintings by artist Travis Weller at Traveler Surf Club Malibu.  The series, "Looking for Lines" was inspired by a recent coastal road trip between the two Traveler locations in Malibu and Pacifica.  If you have a chance to stop in and check it out in person you're guaranteed to have a smile on your face, especially if you try to guess the spots before looking at painting titles.

In Travis' own words: "I paint to provide memories. Life can become one long blur and my work provides brief moments that stop in time. I paint to slow down and look. I see layered oceanic lines as abstractions in the wild. Some are groomed and contained while others are spontaneous and unbound. They are brilliant in motion and soothing while dormant."

"My work resides in the middle, somewhere between truth and abstraction, as layered reflections of occurrences and self. Some are bright and spacious while others are ominous and restrained."

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