Traveler Face Mask Project

About this Project:
Traveler Surf Club and its sister company Silver Lining Bespoke have been making cut and sew original apparel, as limited projects for the past 5 years. In so-doing, we have established relationships with multiple cut & sew contractors in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, where our retail locations are based.  

When it became clear that our friends and loved ones on the front lines of the Covid-19 crisis were experiencing shortages of PPE, we quickly mobilized our community and “quaranteam” to start working on producing non-sterile alternative protective masks. 

Nearly all of our contract factory owners immediately stepped up to start ramping up production on products that they had never made before; folks with pattern-making and sewing experience in LA, SF and Pacifica volunteered to create the first samples and prototypes. 

We are humbled to be a part of such an incredible community and are now working full-speed to create and deliver protective cloth masks to our heroes who need them. Here's a list of where we have donated masks.

Our Heroes Are:
Healthcare workers, caretakers, warehouse, and grocery store workers, delivery drivers, and others who YOU tell us needs them the most. 

What your purchase or donation covers:

  • Cost of mask materials & packaging
  • California based labor: many sewing factory workers must work from home or in modified factory conditions, which increases cost of labor.
  • Many sewists / factory workers do not have any other source of income, so you are helping provide a source of income for these workers right now. 
  • Gas and transportation to pick up and drop off materials and finished goods in LA and Bay Area.
  • Staffing costs for Traveler team to manage the many moving logistics of this project (this helps allow some of our staff to work from home)

These masks are not direct substitutes for N95 surgical or procedural masks and are not FDA approved. However, these masks, if used correctly, should help reduce person-to-person droplet transmission of the virus.

Product Description & Mask Features:
Because our masks are being made at different individual factories and sewists in San Francisco and Los Angeles, materials and design may vary slightly as, each location has access to different material resources. 


  • Double layer with a pouch opening to insert an additional DIY filter. Filter not included. See filter recommendations below
  • 100% cotton material as the inside layer, closest to the face.
  • Adult size fit
  • Washable and reusable. See below for washing and care instructions
  • *Outer layer fabrics & colors may vary
  • *Masks are cleaned, but not sterile, please make sure to wash your mask before wearing. See care instructions below

Care Instructions:

  • WASH ALL MASKS PRIOR TO FIRST USE: in washing machine with detergent, bleach, warm water & hot tumble dry
  • Subsequent care: throw away your DIY filter after each use and wash mask in laundry with detergent, bleach, warm water & hot tumble dry.
  • See CDC link for best practices

Mask Fit:
If your mask fit is too large or too small, you can always replace the elastic ear/ headbands with a shoelace or piece of string, in order to make a more adjustable tie.

See below

Filter Recommendations:
In order for this mask to be more effective, consider inserting a filter. Here are some ideas on what to use:

  • HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter into a pocket around the nose and mouth area. Any filter that meets the HEPA standard must remove at least 99.97% of particles whose diameter is equal to 0.3 micrometers- this would include the coronavirus. 
  • 99.97% Filtration Vacuum Bags on Amazon
  • 99.7% Filtration Vacuum Bags on Amazon
  • Activated Carbon PM2.5 Amazon- KONVINIT
  • FPR 10 Air Filter (Home Depot/Lowes) Home Depot- Honeywell
  • Coffee filters- Youtube- COFFEE FILTER
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