7'5 Bottlefeeder by Niff

Regular price$ 940.00

7'5 x 22.5" x 3"

This board goes from single to double concave out the back creating lots of drive down the line and directing the flow of water into to fins when ridden as a quad. 

Bevelled rail line helps to loosen this wide board up, providing some release while still being forgiving and smooth. Transition to a hard rail out the tail for quicker and harder turns. Rounded pin tail to hold you in the wave on bigger days. 

Quad + 1 fin set up with Futures fin boxes--lots of versatility on how to ride the board. 

This is a polyurethane blank with poly resin tinted electric dark blue on the deck, deep brown on the belly and midnight black on the rails. 

Niff Surfboards are made by shaper Jared Matchniff, out of Pacific City, OR. 

**In store pick up at Santa Cruz location only.**