8'0" Bing Collector
8'0" Bing Collector

8'0" Bing Collector

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8'0" x 22.5" x 3"

Coconut White Tint, top and bottom


Deck Patch

Gloss Polish

2+1 Future Fins Included 

This new mini-noserider shape was coined the "Collector" because when you paddle it out, it will undoubtedly collect! Built primarily as a mid-range, this board appeals to a broad range of surfers and surfing styles. Matt first designed the board as a quad, yet discovered he could get great noserides too. As he got more feedback from team riders and customers, he honed in on the board's true versatility. Most people prefer to ride the board from the tail and never walk the board but were sold on the wider nose for paddling ability. This model is the ultimate quiver killer. As for design, the board has a shallow nose concave going into a slight roll into a heavy double concave in the tail.

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