9’4” Hana
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Brand: Ashley Lloyd Surfboards

Length: 9'4

Width: 23.5

Thickness: 2.75 

Ashley Lloyd's Board of Choice!

The go-to board of her personal Quiver! This 9'4 Single Fin, makes Ashley most excited to ride.

Gorgeous Lavender, Classic PU construction, with 1/2" stringer, adding a bit of weight, creating smoother ride and more connectivity with the oceans energy. The coveted feel of riding a classic longboard!

PU boards sit a little lower in the water, helping to keep your rail submerged. Being a touch heavier also helps them to handle choppy conditions better and are less prone to being bounced around.

Medium weight, slightly pulled in nose with subtle concave. 60/40 rails makes sharp and easy turning. Perfect for ease of wave catching and smooth riding.

Available for pick up only at our Santa Cruz location!

Made in Santa Cruz by Ashley Lloyd. .