9'5 Glider by Niff Surfboards

Regular price$ 1,125.00

9'5 x 23 1/8 x 3 1/4

Talk about a classy board--take the high line and cruise! This board is set up to make you feel like you're on vacation. Easy to paddle and locks into the wave face like you're on cruise control. All you gotta do is stand back and enjoy the ride as this board will take you down the coast in no time from Traveler to Traveler!

It's got length and width to glide you into the wee-est of summer waves or get you in early on South Swell bombs. 

Light rolled vee on the nose transitioning to light panel vee throughout the the belly and tail. Subtle outline that eases into a rounded point nose and a pin tail. This board has more rocker than what you would find on a traditional glider, making it more user friendly, able to handle steeper drops, and a very slight kick on the tail will allow for added maneuverability.

Single fin Futures set up. 

Polyurethane blank w/ poly resin.

This board is entirely hand shaped by Jared Matchniff, shaper of Niff Surfboards out of Pacific City, OR.

**In store pick up at Santa Cruz location only.**