9'6 Simple Swine by Locus Surfboards

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9'6 x 23 1/2 x 3 

Locally hand shaped by Tyler Hopkins of Locus Surfboards in Santa Cruz, CA

Tyler's take on a classic pig design--this board is specialized to nose ride. Wide point back with more a more pulled in nose. Minor deck tail concave with lots of lift to suck water over the back end of the board and hold you in the slot while you're hanging your little piggies over the edge of the nose. The tail is built to feel like a ball-barring, when surfing at the back making it feel like a much shorter and more maneuverable board. Surfing this board will get you so excited you'll be squeaking all the way home!


-Poly blank

-10oz Volan top and bottom + 6oz fiberglass top + 6oz tail patch and knee patch

-Entropy bio resin

-Single fin - Futures

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