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8'2 x 22 x 2 3/4 

Getting stoked for those big, long South swell sets? Well this is board to make the most of those epic summer swells, and will easily transition into your go-to board for Winter. 

Rolled vee in the nose helps keep your rails above the water line and gives some lift as you drop into some bombs. This board transitions into panel vee through the center and out the tail sinking you into the wave proving control in big surf and maneuverability when rolling the board rail to rail.

Foiled out rail line makes this board easy to throw around in the water and also under the shoulder to carry. The pointed nose and tapered out pintail allows you to hold your line and glide along some walls. Plenty of length to get up to speed while paddling, while not being too long to maneuver off the rails. Single fin set up to keep things classy, and make sure your'e not too tied down!

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