Board Demos - Santa Cruz
Board Demos - Santa Cruz
Board Demos - Santa Cruz
Board Demos - Santa Cruz
Board Demos - Santa Cruz
Board Demos - Santa Cruz
Board Demos - Santa Cruz
Board Demos - Santa Cruz
Board Demos - Santa Cruz
Board Demos - Santa Cruz
Board Demos - Santa Cruz
Board Demos - Santa Cruz
Board Demos - Santa Cruz
Board Demos - Santa Cruz
Board Demos - Santa Cruz

Board Demos - Santa Cruz

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We offer a limited amount of quality fiberglass demo boards at our Santa Cruz location. Demoing a board is a great way to try before you buy, or just to experience a different board for fun. Each demo includes a Day Pass to the Surf Club

How it Works: There are 2 Ways to Demo Equipment

1. First Come, First Served - Simply show up during business hours and get your rental. You will be required to sign the waiver below and will be given a tour of the Surf Club along with proper gear sizing by our staff.

2. Save Time - Pre-book your rental(s) the day before and electronically sign the waiver below. Check-in at the front register and have your order number ready. Our staff will ensure you get the proper equipment and a quick tour of the Surf Club.

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How long can I keep my equipment?

All equipment rentals are good for the entire day (from open until half hour before closing time) and a Day Pass is included for our Surf Club, so you can rinse off, change, store your things in a secure locker and more.

I'm a Member, do I get a discount on demo boards?

Yes, all Surf Club Members receive $20 off demo boards. 


Demo Board Descriptions: 


Source Surfboards Twinzer Model by Nick Palandrani

  • 6’ 0 x 20 x 2 ⅝ 
  • Locally hand shaped by Nick Palandrani of Source Surfboards, of the top dog local shapers here in Santa Cruz.  
  • PU construction 
  • Channel bottom
  • Locally hand shaped by Nick Palandrani of Source Surfboards, one of the top dog local shapers here in Santa Cruz. To be ridden as a Twinzer--looser than a quad, more drive than a twin. 

7'0 Mid Pin Twin aka "The Quiver Killer" by Mando Surfcraft

  • 7'0" x 20 3/4" x 2 5/8" 42.4L 
  • This board is built to put smiles on any surfer whether you're a beginner or advanced. Knee high to overhead this board will paddle into anything.
  •  This board likes a set of upright twin fins with some good release.
  • Hand shaped in SF by Mando Surfboards.

7'6 Bing Surfboards Seeker Model by Matt Calvani

  • 7’6”
  • 22’ x 3’ x 53.5 Liters (Volume)
  • 3 wood stringers 
  • Bing wanted to create a board that was appealing to longboarders, and shortboarders to be a wave-catching machine. What makes the Seeker different is the high volume, flat deck and bottom, and medium fold-down rail, giving the board a feeling of riding on top of the water that gives a lively, yet stable feeling. The wider nose creates a more parallel outline for more drive, speed, and trim. Head Shaper Matt Calvani) kicked up the nose rocker in the last foot to navigate late take-offs and to be able to fade deep into the wave. The squash tail provides more surface area for added stability and earlier wave-catching, and the slight lift and double concave in the tail give it sensitivity and release in the turns. With the balanced elements, this model will excel in mushy or steeper, bigger waves. The 2+1 fin configuration allows for a single fin option that is a favorite among the factory/retail store design team, comprised of pro level to average surfers.

7'6 Midlength Fish by Jeremiah Kille

  • 7'6" x 21 1/2" x 3"
  • Shaped by local Santa Cruz artist and surfboard builder, Jeremiah Kille.
  • This is a midlength twin fin for conditions large and small.
  • Due to its length it will hold well down the line, but with some fancy footwork to the back you will have no problem releasing this twin fin on bottom turns and cutbacks. 
7'6 & 8’0 Mystic Surfboards WayyVo Models by John Moore
  • 7'6 & 8'0
  • 17 ¼  x 22 ½  x 16 x 3
  • Polyurethane blank/Epoxy Resin Construction 
  • Smooth Flowing Egg 
  • 2x 1/8 Darkwood T Band 
  • Volan Bottom Lamination
  • A great transitional “fun” board for someone looking to go from a big log/longboard to something smaller and more maneuverable on a wave. 
  • 2+1 fin future fin set up offers a single fin option
  • Single concave through the nose, to a double through the middle and a vee out the tail.

9'0 Falcon Mystic Surfboard by John Moore

  • 9'0
  • 17.75 x 22.5 x 14.5 x 3.125
  • EPS Epoxy, 2+1 plywood stringer
  • Lighter Epoxy version (6 bottom/2x6 Top Glassing)
  • Diamond tail for quicker release + direction changes

9’2” Nose Picker by Niff Surfboards 

  • 9'2 x 23" x 3"
  • The 9'2 Nosepicker model is a performance noserider model with single concave at the nose channeling through to rolled v out the back with lots of tail kick to support your dangling toes off the nose.  A 50/50 rail line throughout keeps this board very forgiving when putting it on rail. Single fin set up.
  • This is a polyurethane blank with poly resin tinted firetruck red. 
  • Niff Surfboards are made by shaper Jared Matchniff, out of Pacific City, OR. 

    9'3" FLKLR (Pronounced Folklore) - Kali Model - Pig Style Longboard

    • SIZE: 9'3" x 22" x 2 ⅘ " | LITERS: 70 LTRs
    • TAIL: Square | Squash | FINS: Single
    • RAILS: Soft / Pinched | GLASS: 1/6 top 1/6 bottom 
    • Wide hips arch your back, raise your arms, stand tall and ride proud on the tip of this board - you'll be doing nothing but feeling the love of this ride in the water. This board was created exclusively for those seeking more tip action, the lower hips on this beauty make for more stability on the nose. 

    9’4” Jule Collection By Jed Noll 

    • 9’4” x 23 x 3 
    • Polyurethane construction 
    • Custom shaped collaboration board for Julie Cox by Jed Noll (son of Legend Greg Noll). Soft rails and the single fin set up makes this board flowy and fast down the line.  With a spooned out single concave in the nose blended into rolled vee through the belly and tail. 

      9'4" Traveler California Coaster

      • Brand: Traveler Surfboards
      • Shaper: John Moore
      • 9'4" length x 19" nose x 23" wide x 16.375" tail x 3" thick
      • We took everything we love about surfing in California, and created what we think is the perfect longboard. This classic silhouette may look familiar, but it’s got a bunch of modern elements that make it easy to paddle, super responsive, and just plain fun to ride. Single fin box with "Surf More, Be Happy" on the bottom stringer.