Craftsman Coffee "Crushing It" 12oz

Craftsman Coffee "Crushing It" 12oz

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Originally the popular Holiday Blend, now you can enjoy it throughout the year!

An unexpected surprise from Brazil + Kenya strikes a homerun. A juicy and balanced chocolate-orange dreamsicle teamed up so pretty into your cup. Drop this into your mug so you can go crush your day. Perfect for pour overs, drip. 

Pearless Estate is one of the oldest and largest plantations in Kenya and in the famed Nyeri County. A quality-focused farm owned by the late Mugwimi Wachira. Estate Manager Martin Njau operates the farm with a keen sensitivity towards quality, social and environmental awareness. The estate is committed to high worker standards and supports its permanent and 20 plus seasonal employees with regular training on advanced safety and processing methods, along with education on good farming practices. The estate has been recognized for its leading standards and was awarded the CAFE certification in November 2017.

Jose Maria de Oliveria is a pivotal force behind Our Coffee. With deep generational roots in coffee, Jose was able to come back full circle into growing after hard times sidetracked his family at age 7. Hard work and perseverance led to acquisition of his own land in Campos Altos, building his own dry mill and export company. Dedication to producing the best specialty coffees has allowed him to provide higher wages, improved quality of life for all his workers. 

Farm: Bourbon, Heirloom Varietals
Country: Brazil, Kenya
Region: Minas Gerais Brazil, Nyeri County Kenya
Processing: Wet washed and natural