Hair & Body Shampoo Bars
Hair & Body Shampoo Bars

Hair & Body Shampoo Bars

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A multi-use shampoo and body bar emphasizes an organic, low-maintenance, waste reduction lifestyle. The travel-friendly bar aims to simplify hair and skincare. It’s handcrafted, free of palm oil and formulated from organic, fair-trade ingredients to support an ethical + effective hair and skincare routine. Both bars are made with fresh goat milk, sourced from a small certified humane goat farm in Ohio. They
include fresh goat milk for its high vitamin, mineral and fatty acid content, which act as a natural moisturizer. The pH balance of the milk are similar to our hair + skin pH, making it easy for the essential nutrients to absorb.


Moon Flower: The perfect antidote to unwind after a long day, the soothing
floral notes of rose and herbs evoke a calming and peaceful scent to relax the body and mind.

Morning Glory: Crisp, fresh and energizing, the light flowery citrus scent of the morning glory bar will awaken your skin, mind + senses to uplift your morning.

Size: 3.25oz