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Money Clip

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Kaleidoscope Design

Santa Fe Stoneworks has been working in collaboration with master inlay artist Steve Rosenblum for over 15 years. Originally from Long Island, New York, Steve moved to New Mexico in 1976 where he began his career producing intricate inlays. The Southwest had a major influence in his designs. Several years ago, he moved to Vermont and opened Rainbo Woodworks. These elaborate inlays are created from treated domestic hardwoods using a process similar to that found in the finest handmade quilts.

All of the Damascus Kaleidoscope Design knives come double sided by default.
Please note: All of the patterns vary, and the items shown are representative of the styles, but as the wood is a natural material and there are variations on the colors after dyeing there will be a slight difference in the actual knife you receive.

*Feel free to call and ask what we have in stock! :) *

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