Monterey Bay & Carmel Tidelog 2022

Monterey Bay & Carmel Tidelog 2022

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Go old school with this pocket-size tide log for those off-line moments. Keep handy in your car for surf checks along the California coast. For calendar year 2021.

Daily Tidelog Graphics are based on NOAA predictions for San Francisco, at the Golden Gate Bridge. Time and strength of maximum currents and times of slack water are shown daily at San Francisco Bay Entrance and Carquinez Strait. Included at the back of the Tidelog are tide tables for Arena Cove, Port Chicago and Humboldt Bay and current tables for the Golden Gate Bridge, Benicia Bridge, San Mateo, Richmond and Oakland. Also included are Tidal Current Charts which offer a comprehensive view of the tidal currents throughout San Francisco Bay.

If you are interested in the Suisun Bay and Delta area or the Coast of Northern California please see our subregional editions which are specific to those areas.

** PLEASE NOTE: These Tide Logs are for 2022 **