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Monterey Bay

The creator of all these maps did ocean floor mapping for the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Research Institute for several years, so he knows this territory very well.

Map spans the coastline from the town of Pescadero in the northwest and east to the Diablo Range, Gabilan Range, Morgan Hill and Gilroy. Southern edge spans to Andrew Molera State Park on the coast and Ventana Double Cone Peak in Ventana Wilderness almost to Greenfield in the Salinas Valley, where Salinas and Chualar are also shown.

Coastline includes Ano Nuevo State Park, all of Monterey Bay, Point Lobos, and Point Sur. Offshore features include numerous submarine canyons, including Monterey Canyon, Carmel Canyon, Soquel Canyon and Cabrillo Canyon. Inland areas include northern Salinas Valley, Fremont Peak, San Juan Bautista, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, and all of Carmel Valley.

The map's most dramatic feature is the immense Monterey Submarine Canyon, a striking and dramatic feature. 

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