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Product image 1Santa Cruz Surf Guide - Thad Keenan
Product image 2Santa Cruz Surf Guide - Thad Keenan
Product image 3Santa Cruz Surf Guide - Thad Keenan
Product image 4Santa Cruz Surf Guide - Thad Keenan

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Thad started surfing the warm and sunny beaches of South Los Angeles County as a youth.  His dad used to push him into waves in Manhattan Beach and El Porto when he was a wee lad, then he graduated to surf PE in school.  Going to college in Northern California, Thad and his fellow ocean loving surf buddies started making trips to Santa Cruz to get in the water. Thad was immediately enamored by Santa Cruz surf culture and the plethora of wave variety it has to offer...and so decided to relocate to Santa Cruz!

Thad loves surfing the Eastside of Santa Cruz and has been able to create a comfortable place for himself in the Santa Cruz line-ups.  Thad primarily loves to shortboard, but enjoys riding all types of surf crafts including longboards, eggs, and alternative shapes. Thad finds that respect and communication are the keys to working your way into any lineup or pecking order, especially here in Santa Cruz.  He would love to help develop your surf skills, and guide you into a positive experience in the lineup! 

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