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Product image 1Mick Fanning Soft Surfboard
Product image 2Mick Fanning Soft Surfboard
Product image 3Mick Fanning Soft Surfboard
Product image 4Mick Fanning Soft Surfboard
Product image 5Mick Fanning Soft Surfboard

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The Surf School Edition has been designed to be the ultimate learner board.

The volume is really well distributed for such a large board, the outline is generous providing a stable platform for catching waves and the additional width in the tail provides lift and acceleration in weak waves creating a super generous sweet spot!

Increased strength in the layup and bumpers on the nose and tail for durability.

8' length x 22 5/8" width x 2 7/8" thick = 61.5L
9' length x 24" x 3 1/2" thick = 88.7 L


Additional Details:
DECK: 6oz + 2 x 4oz E-Cloth + 4mm IXPE Soft Skin

BOTTOM: 6oz E-Cloth + 4mm Slick Skin HDPE

Now with an offset handle in the deck to make it easier to carry.

Developed to provide a non slip surface when wet, Micro-Dot Texture when combined with a minimal application of wax ensures that the Surf School Edition is a safe, durable and a striking learn to surf platform.

Experience has shown that most damage comes from simply carrying boards from the carpark to the beach! We think that our simple ergonomic figure 8 handle should help to eliminate some of the inevitable bumps and little accidents that happen on your way down to the sand!

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