2 Board storage Slots available in Pacifica! ~learn more~

10 Pack of Day Passes

Traveler Surf Club Pacifica

Regular price $ 200.00

Buy a 10 pack of day passes and get 1 free!

Great for people who may not surf very regularly, but want the amenities when they do. Use your day passes anytime within one year. 

Day Passes to the Traveler Surf Club includes these Amenities & Benefits:

  • Day-Use Lockers
  • Changing Rooms
  • Hot Outdoor Shower
  • Cedar Sauna (Pacifica location only)
  • Sunny Garden with Heated Furniture (Pacifica location only)
  • Complimentary Coffee and Tea
  • Wifi Lounge & Co-Working Indoor Space (Malibu location only)
  • Fresh Towels
  • Restroom

Please contact us at 650-735-9192 with any questions for Pacifica or 424-425-8033 for Malibu, we're happy to help!

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