9'6" California Square

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The California square is designed to be the all around basic noserider that you can surf anywhere. I really went back to the basics on these without all the bells and whistles. They are solid noseriders with a parallel outline, deeper blended concave, and a flat rocker. To balance out these elements, the boards can be ridden two inches or so shorter and a little thinner. The result is a board with great trim speed that will pull back into the pocket to get parallel-stance noserides all the way to the beach. The flat rocker also gives the board drive through the turns without stalling which can result from too much tail rocker. The key to ordering this board is to get the proper size and volume for your style and the conditions you'll be surfing in. Please feel free to inquire for suggestions.

- Matt Calvani, shaper/designer.


9'6" x 23" x 3.06"

1/2" Darkwood Stringer

Single Fin

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