Coaching & Lessons

We provide Lessons and Coaching for surfers of all levels. Our team of instructors are experienced water guides who prioritize knowledge, education and safety. Our goal is to help you gain a better understanding of how to ride waves, understand ocean conditions and get the most out of each water session.

Fiberglass Surfboards & Rental Equipment

Traveler offers a fun selection of fiberglass, epoxy and foam surfboards for rent at each of our locations. Fiberglass boards are crafted by local shapers and are specialized for nearby breaks. We also offer wetsuits and overnight rentals. TSC is the best option for locals and travelers alike to test and try premium surf equipment.
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Kassia Meador's
Definitive Guide to Longboarding 2.0

Surf icon Kassia Meador explains longboarding's essentials in 35 videos and three quizzes to test your knowledge. Learn everything from surf etiquette to fin selection to hanging five, ten, and heels. If you want to learn to park ten piggies on the nose and maximize your time in the surf with a big smile, the buck stops here.

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