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7'0 Zeufie Egg - Ashley Lloyd Surfboards

Ashley Lloyd Surfboards

Product image 17'0 Zeufie Egg - Ashley Lloyd Surfboards
Product image 27'0 Zeufie Egg - Ashley Lloyd Surfboards

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7'0 x 22 7/8 x 2 7/8

The good old days of hunting for Easter eggs are not over! Swing on by the shop to spot this beautiful Zeufie Egg hand shaped by Ashley Lloyd. This board is going to have as much energy and playfulness as the Easter Bunny with its single to double concave, soft to hard rail in tail and 2+1 fin set up. This is a great model to have in the quiver for all kinds of surf--lots of width and thickness to keep your paddling strong and shrunken down to 7'0 for optimal travel capabilities on the road and whipping turns on the wave. 

This is an all flax surfboard, made w/ recycled EPS foam and epoxy bioresin  minimizing your carbon footprint, and taking surfing to the next eco conscious level.

Another perk about these all flax boards is that the flax actually dampens the vibrations often felt with EPS foam. Additionally it soaks up more resin more weight than fiberglass, allowing the board to sink better into the wave, providing that similar feel of classic poly boards that everyone craves but despises due to its environmental toxicity. 


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