Surf Club Membership Policies

Recurring Payment / Cancellations:

  • All Traveler Surf Club memberships are on a recurring payment plan.
  • To cancel, email All cancellations need to be received in writing via email. Your membership will end at the end of the term of your membership plan. Please do not verbally tell a Traveler staff member in-store, the message may not get delivered to our Membership Manager. 


  • Unfortunately there are no membership refunds. If you do not want to renew your membership, please email

Members may not share codes with anyone.

Using Outside Club Space (may vary depending on location):

  • The heated bench will be turned on during open hours.
  • The sauna will be heated by request for members and guests (Pacifica only)
  • Reminder that there are security cameras in the yard, for everyone’s safety and security. 

Guest Passes:

  • Members can bring outside guests during open hours for a $15 fee (please no after hours access for guests)
  • Please purchase Guest passes online or pay inside the shop for any guests that you bring. 
  • All guests must sign a club waiver.

Kids & Family Memberships:

  • Family Memberships can include supervised kids 10 years and older years 
  • There will be no after-hours access for kids under 18 years old

Personal Items

  • Please do not leave personal items laying around in the yard- we will have a strict end of day throw-away policy for any items left in the club spaces that are not placed in storage bins or board lockers.
  • Surfboards left unaccounted for for 30 days will become the property of Traveler