Pacifica Membership Policies

Rules for Using Inside Club space:

  • Wear a mask when inside
  • Please make sure to have your personal items out of the locker room 15 minutes before closing time. 

Using Outside Club Space:

  • The heated bench will be turned on during open hours.
  • The sauna will be heated by request for vaccinated members and guests
  • Reminder that there are security cameras in the yard, for everyone’s safety and security. 

Guest Passes:

  • Members can bring outside guests for a $15 fee
  • Please purchase Guest passes online or pay inside the shop for any guests that you bring. 
  • All guests must sign a club waiver.

Kids & Family Memberships:

  • Family Memberships can include supervised children over 6 years of age.

Help Keep the Club Clean!

  • Please clean up all of your trash and throw it away in the garbage bins in the alley.
  • Please do not leave personal items laying around in the yard- we will have a strict end of day throw-away policy for any items left in the club spaces that are not placed in storage bins or board lockers.
  • Be cool & be respectful to your fellow club members and staff