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Pacifica Membership Policies

A quick note regarding updated club policies and opening hours for Fall 2020.

  • Outpost/shop will be open everyday: Monday & Tuesday 10-4PM, Wednesday thru Sunday 9-6 PM. 

Rules for Using Inside Club space:

  • Please note that we are still a very lean staff, so please be considerate
  • Wear a mask when inside AT All TIMES, this includes the locker room!
  • Follow and respect posted signage.
  • Please make sure to have your personal items out of the locker room by 3:30 PM Mon/Tues, 5:30 PM Wed-Sun. 

Using Outside Club Space:

  • Please sign in on the outside clipboard each time you use the club
  • The heated bench will be turned on during open hours, but the Sauna must remain closed per state health regulations. 
  • We have installed some additional storage space and shelving in the area to the left of the Sauna
  • Reminder that there are security cameras in the yard, for everyone’s safety and security. 
  • Please keep the outdoor area tidy and do not leave personal items laying around in the yard.

Guest Passes:

  • Members can bring outside guests for a $15 fee
  • Please purchase Guest passes online or pay inside the shop for any guests that you bring. 
  • If you have renewed your membership, you automatically accrue guest passes. Please email Nina or ask a staff member how many guest passes you have accrued.
  • All guests must sign a club waiver.

Kids & Family Memberships:

  • With so many families working from home and home-schooling, Traveler is in the process of revising our kids policy.
  • We will soon be offering Family Memberships to include supervised children over 6 years of age.
  • If you have any feedback on how to make family memberships work well for all members, please let us know your thoughts as we work to implement this new program.

Help Keep the Club Clean!

  • Now more than ever, cleanliness is paramount- we need you help in making sure both outside and inside stay tidy.
  • Please clean up all of your trash and throw it away in the garbage bins in the alley.
  • Please do not leave personal items laying around in the yard- we will have a strict end of day throw-away policy for any items left in the club spaces that are not placed in storage bins or board lockers.
  • Be cool & be respectful to your fellow club members and staff- this is a tough time for all of us and everyone has different comfort levels with social distancing. If we all do our best to be kind to each other, we can enjoy the ocean, surf more and be happy!

Entering the Shop:

  • We ask that you not linger in the shop, and carry on long conversations with staff inside. They have lots to do and as much as they love catching up, we are sticking to strict metered 2-3 person occupancy policies in-store.
  • Always ask staff before entering the shop space from the back of the club area.
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