Passport Membership

Access all of our Surf Club locations with the Passport Membership add-on!

What is the Passport Membership option?

The Passport add-on enables a member to visit the other Traveler Surf Club locations and access all of the amenities during business hours. 

How does it work?

When choosing membership, you should think about how often you might use the other Surf Club locations and then select "Yes Passport" or "No Passport" options.

  • The "Yes, Passport" option allows you to travel away from your "home" membership location to another Traveler location and be welcomed with Day-Use access to the Club.  For example if your home membership (where you signed up and use most frequently) is Pacifica, but you surf Santa Cruz often and want your Traveler amenities, you can add the Passport option to access the amenities with no extra fees when you arrive. 
  • The "No Passport" option still gives you access to your Home Club, but if you visited another Traveler Surf Club location, your Day-Use fee would be $15. 

Does the Passport Membership include surfboard storage at all locations?

Your "home" location would be where you store your board, but you could demo a fiberglass or foamie for a member's only price. If you were interested in storing a board at multiple locations, you would get a discounted board storage membership rate. Please enquire.

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