Land Lesson – with April for Beginner Surfers
Land Lesson – with April for Beginner Surfers
Land Lesson – with April for Beginner Surfers

Land Lesson – with April for Beginner Surfers

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Land Session in Pacifica

This 1.5 hour class series is designed to give an overview and introduction to surfing at the beginner level. 

Part 1: The first 35 minutes will be spent discussing Ocean Safety at Linda Mar Beach. This will cover learning how to read weather and ocean conditions, including tides, currents, wind, and potential hazards in the water. April will share some tools to use in predicting the conditions so you can make an educated decision about when to surf. She will discuss the different waves that break at Linda Mar Beach and what makes the break differently. She will also guide attendees on where the best beginner spots are and on how to choose the best beginner conditions. 

Part 2: The next 35 minutes will focus on Reading and Riding Waves with an empasis on etiquette in the water. She will review the lifecycle of a wave and how to choose and catch the best wave for you. Next, we'll demonstrate paddle positioning, catching waves, and pop-up stance, and dismounts. This class will involve some movement in place (optional).

There will be time for Q&A!

    Who this is for:

    • Beginner surfers who are interested in learning the basics of surfing and gaining confidence and tools to help them start and progress in their wave riding ability.
    • Anyone looking to familiarize themselves before getting a lesson or going out on their own.  
    • Those who are considering the benefits of surf coaching.

    What to expect:

    • This is a group lesson held on land at Traveler Surf Club Pacifica. You will not be getting in the water as part of the instruction, but we do have rental equipment available to rent, if you'd like to surf after class (conditions pending as always).
    • The sessions encourage open Q&A, so come with questions and prepare to be inspired to paddle out on your own, with a surf instructor, or with friends after the session.

    Where/ When:

    • Traveler Surf Club Pacifica: 5450 Coast Hwy Pacifica, 94044 
    • 9-10:30 AM
    • Session 1 Saturday, April 20th

    What to Bring: 

    •  Notepad & Questions
    • Comfortable clothes that you can move in

    What's Included:


    • $25
    • Space is limited sign-up early!

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