Farberow Flex Fin

True Ames

Product image 1Farberow Flex Fin
Product image 2Farberow Flex Fin
Product image 3Farberow Flex Fin
Product image 4Farberow Flex Fin
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Product image 6Farberow Flex Fin
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Product image 8Farberow Flex Fin
Product image 9Farberow Flex Fin
Product image 10Farberow Flex Fin
Product image 11Farberow Flex Fin

Regular price $ 82.00

One of our most popular all around flex fins! This is the fin we recommend to everyone!

Give this fin a try in your favorite long board that seems to be stagnating in potential. The feeling of a turn with added power and the potential for subtle trim adjustments is what this fin is all about.

This fin will provide an extra amount of lively spring and energy that can truly change your surfing capability. The medium body, combined with both the rake and the flex in this design will provide you with stability you can trust, confidence through smooth flowing turns, and an added amount of power and projection. Turning, nose-riding, trimming… this fin excels at it all, making it a favorite of a lot of our customers.

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