USED 5'8 POLR Fish

Regular price$ 1,070.00

5'8 x 21.75" x 2.75"

Path Of Least Resistance Fish with continuous template curve, single concave, twin fin, swallow tail. 

Fish boards are classic summer fun whips to add to the quiver. Wide body outline allows lots of paddle power for a small board. Twin fin set up gives you more drive than a single fin while reducing drag and allowing water to flow straight through the middle of the board. These are fast and playful boards great in small mushy surf, but also originally designed for steep, hollow San Diego surf so can handle a variety of conditions!

This board has an flax construction, EPS recycled foam and bioresin build. Great board choice for the surfer looking to make an eco conscious board purchase. 

Made in Santa Cruz by Ashley Lloyd.

Bottom stringer says "Made with Love for Sean" 

Available only for pick-up in our Santa Cruz Location.