Americana Trivia Game
Americana Trivia Game

Americana Trivia Game

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  • 50 questions all about the United States of America.
  • Designer: KDT
  • Product Measurement: (Tin) 9,5 x 6 x 1,8 cm (Cards) 8,5 x 5,2 cm
  • Material: paper

Compact and portable trivia game that focuses on American culture, history, landmarks, and pop culture. It offers an entertaining way to test your knowledge and challenge your friends and family with fun trivia questions.

The game comes packaged in a tin container, making it easy to carry and store. Inside the tin, you can expect to find a set of trivia question cards, along with instructions for gameplay. 

The trivia questions in the Americana Trivia Game cover a range of topics related to American history, famous landmarks, influential figures, music, movies, sports, and other aspects of American culture. Players can take turns answering questions or form teams to compete against each other. The goal is to accumulate points by correctly answering as many trivia questions as possible.

This game is suitable for gatherings, parties, or casual game nights, providing an opportunity to learn and have fun while engaging in friendly competition. It can also serve as an educational tool for those interested in expanding their knowledge of American culture.