Santa Cruz Ding Repair Clinic with John Moore
Santa Cruz Ding Repair Clinic with John Moore
Santa Cruz Ding Repair Clinic with John Moore

Santa Cruz Ding Repair Clinic with John Moore

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Dust off your board and fix it up before summer! Join us at our Santa Cruz shop for an in person ding repair workshop led by shaper, John Moore, of Mystic Surfboards.

  • Date: May 11th
  • Time: 11-1
  • Where: Traveler Surf Club, Santa Cruz (747 41st Ave F Santa Cruz)
Details: In this workshop we will cover the following:
  • Learn to diagnose, prep and rebuild some basic/common ding repair issues.
  • Fixed = Strong + Watertight approach - not showroom perfect!
  • Discussion- A basic "how boards are built" overview Polyester and Epoxy boards - how to identify each
  • Hands On- Materials - resins -UV and catalyzed, cloth(s), filler(s).
  • Basic tools used - no power tools approach
  • Sanding blocks/sandpaper, razor blades, scissors, brushes.
  • Then we will fix a few basic repairs together.
  • A simple crack/crunch and a basic fill and cap.
  • Q + A time We can diagnose attendees board issue(s) at the end if time permits.


  • John will provide a 'Basic Ding Repair Kit' 
  • All participants will receive 10% off select Ding Repair Kits, and Booklet so you can practice your skills at home!!
  • Participants are welcome to BYO board, ask questions and get professional advice (time permitting) for your own unique concern.


John Moore has surfing since '83, shaping since '91. He is the owner of Mystic surfboards. He has lived in Providence, Cape Cod, Marin, Santa Cruz, Puerto Rico, Montara and has owned surf shop's including Pump House surf shop in Cape Cod, MA and 2 Mile surf shop in Bolinas, CA.

He has a life long love of surfing and the ocean.

SHAPING- 'Shaping allows me to create a custom, unique design with a customer which connects them to the waves they are surfing and improve their surfing experience. A well planned design will give the surfer room to grow and improve their surfing and confidence. WAY better than "off the rack".'

REPAIRS- 'I've built and fixed surfboards for over 30 years and have seen many different construction methods. It's pretty easy to diagnose, "rebuild" and seal up your own board. Let me show you how in a few simple steps. I can diagnose and fix most any issue.'

- John Moore (Mystic Surfboards)