Dungeness Crab Watch Cap

Dungeness Crab Watch Cap

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The Story:

Show your love for butter and bottom feeders with our classic "dungy" design in our warm and soft watch caps. Made in the USA


These 100% non-allergenic acrylic beanies are amazing!

Sizing/ Fit:

One size fits most.

Un-cuffed, this beanie has a length of 10". If you have a big head (like me), this beanie (when folded/ cuffed) rests on your ears at about eye level. If you like the dock worker look, this is a good choice for you.

Sizing Reference:

If you have a larger head, then this hat may not be for you.  I prefer hats with a 4" rise (think of this as the depth of the hat.) Our regular truckers have a 4" rise. We find that this hat tends to fit women and younger people very well. It also fits people who don’t have a cone head line me.

Printed and Designed in Santa Cruz, California.

Made in Vietnam