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For nature lovers, wellness enthusiasts, and modern mystics alike, Elements is a beautiful book about disconnecting from the digital world and reconnecting with nature for better health and inner peace. Ancient humans had an intimate connection to nature-we lived by the cycles of the sun and the moon, followed the flow of water when determining where to settle, and planted and sowed according to the shifts in seasons. The five elements-fire, earth, water, air, and ether-reside in each of us and are the universe's building blocks. In this richly illustrated book, Andi Eaton explores the energy and characteristics each element holds, and teaches you how to incorporate a balance of each intoyour daily wellness practices: meditation and breathwork to amplify your glow, rituals for grounding and balance, and simple homemade recipes and exercises for nourishment.

• Use a Breath of Fire exercise to glow with fire's energy
• Host a Moon Manifestation Circle to ground yourself with earth's energy
• Take a Goddess Bath to nourish yourself with water's energy

As you explore each of the elements, you'll learn how to let your body speak and become an active listener to what it has to say. Elements is about reconnecting with yourself: what lights you up and what leaves you feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually balanced.

FOR NATURE LOVERS: This book is a lovely combination of nature connection and wellness guidance. People are increasingly turning to the outdoors as a source of peace, calm, natural healing, and wellness. Here is a beautiful volume that will resonate with all who are eager to disconnect from tech, get out of their houses, spend time in nature, and feel better, both mentally and physically.

BEAUTIFUL GIFT FOR SELF-CARE PRACTICITIONERS: Filled with deeply resonant advice and gorgeous illustrations throughout, this is a thoughtful gift for anyone who practices daily wellness routines like meditation, yoga, or essential oil therapy.

FRESH AND PRACTICAL IDEAS: Here is a treasure trove of fresh ideas for accessible, everyday rituals that further well-being. Ingredients and exercises are straightforward and adaptable for unique needs.

Perfect for:

• Anyone looking to deepen their connection with nature or broaden their spiritual practice
• Exploring holistic health or alternative forms of wellness and natural healing
• Fans of The Hidden Life of Trees, Forest Bathing, and The Green Witch
• Thoughtful gift for family or friends with an interest in natural living and appreciation for the magic of nature