Foam - A Novel by Laurel Senick

Foam - A Novel by Laurel Senick

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Foam is a suspense fueled adventure that takes the reader on a wild ride of waves, freediving through underwater caves, and a race against time to find an ancient treasure.

After tragedy strikes, Cassandra Lee, an out-of-work journalist, runs to the tropical island where her dreams were supposed to come true.

Attempting to get her life and career back, Cass begins research on a local freediver's death but instead uncovers a drug ring and kidnapping plot. With trouble on her heels (if you could call flip-flops heels), she realizes this sleepy surf town has more spines than a sea urchin.


Strap on your leash and paddle out with Cass as she gets tangled in the dangerous undertow of addiction, death and disappearances. She must claw her way to the surface and trust some unlikely characters to survive. But does she trust the right ones? Waves aren't the only giants Cass must face to survive!