Josh Hall Twin Khaki (Single Tab)

Josh Hall Twin Khaki (Single Tab)

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Captain Fin Josh Hall High Aspect Twin (Single Tab) 

Born out of San Diego by master surfboard craftsman Josh Hall we bring you the High Aspect Twin! This double foiled fin is designed to work in everything from your everyday retro fish, twin-fin eggs, and mid-lengths. The base cant is very upright with a 50/50 foil for maximum speed and control through turns. It's the only double foil twin in our lineup of fins. "Slide the Glide" - Josh Hall

Template: Balanced—perfect twin for your everyday retro twin.

Construction: Honeycomb

Flex: Medium

Compatibility: Futures (Single Tab)

Fin Specification
Area 22.49"
Height 5.58"
Base 5.54"
Foil 50/50