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Women's Catsuit 4/3


Product image 1Women's Catsuit 4/3
Product image 2Women's Catsuit 4/3
Product image 3Women's Catsuit 4/3
Product image 4Women's Catsuit 4/3
Product image 5Women's Catsuit 4/3
Product image 6Women's Catsuit 4/3

Regular price $ 399.00

Smooth-skin is the warmest and lightest material for surfing - period.

It neither absorbs water or allows the wind to pass through it. That means you are lighter and you don't use energy pulling water around thats trapped in your wetsuit nylon.

You cut through the water like a seal and any sunshine warms the surface of the neoprene as it stays dry - all the time.

The front zipper is comfortable as there is a small panel behind the zipper of 3mm so its still comfortable to lay on. The suit also features small ankle zippers to help with getting the wetsuit on and off after a surf.

Simple, Warm & Smooth

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