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Matunas Wax


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100% Natural Biodegradable-Nontoxic surfboard wax. Made with Organic ingredients. The package is even made on recycled paper with soy ink. Mother earth says thank you!

Matunas' 100% Natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, eco-friendly surf wax, is made using local organic ingredients in Santa Cruz, California straight from the farm! All fragrances are from real strawberries, raspberries, and jasmine flowers.


  • COLD -   60ºF / 15ºC and below
  • COOL -   56ºF - 68ºF / 14ºC-19ºC
  • WARM -   64ºF - 74ºF / 18ºC-24ºC 
  • TROPICAL -   75ºF+ / 24ºC+
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